DIY: Mosaic Tile Bedroom Mirror

Monday, March 17, 2014

With all the home improvement projects we've been doing our master bedroom has gotten the short end of the stick. It's been pretty neglected in comparison to the rest of the house. Besides our bed, dresser, and two mirrors there's not a whole lot going on. One day while I was at work my better half surprised me by putting up a long mirror up on the wall next to my closet (yes, MY closet, separate closets and separate bathrooms keep the love alive when one of you is a tad OCD). I loved the mirror placement it's perfect for a million wardrobe changes - but it looked a little plain. Instead of going out and buying a frame we thought it would be fun and a little more exciting to create a tile border. 

First we laid down some paper so we didn't ruin the floors. 

Next we picked out some inexpensive sheets of tile. 

Once we decided the width of the border we cut the sheets of tile into strips using a razor blade. 

After cutting the strips we cut and laid out the entire perimeter of the mirror on the ground. 

Next it was time to tape! We taped the outter edge of where the tile would be as well as on the edge of the mirror to prevent scratches. 

Then it was time to mix the mortar!

And apply it to the wall, section by section. 

Then we used a tile trellis to create a groove pattern. 

After that it was time to start applying the tile strips. 

We continued working our way around the mirror pressing the strips firmly in place, and using a level to make sure all sides were straight. 

Once that was done it was time to remove the tape. 

After letting the mortar set for 24 hours, it was time to grout. 

We mixed our grout and then retaped the interior of the mirror edges. 

Using a tile float we worked our way around the edges smoothing the grout into all the spaces (and trying not to make a huge mess). 

Once that was all done we removed the tape. Then we used the damp sponge to lightly wipe away any excess grout. 

After a few hours we sealed the edges of the mirror with caulk. 

Once everything had dried we used a sponge and tile cleaner to remove any left over haze on the tile, and our trusty Windex Touch Up to clean up the mirror. 

We both really love the end result! 

Have you ever done a project like this one? How did it turn out?


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