Shut The Front Door

Friday, July 22, 2016

We loved our house because it was unique for our area and had so much light and so many windows, it was great. But it definitely lacked curb appeal, and what does one change when you want to up the curb appeal? Besides landscaping, a huge change you can make to any home is the front door, it's actually one of the highest ROI you can make during a renovation or just as an update. We initially ordered a gorgeous front door, that sadly didn't fit, so we were stuck with our oddly sized clunky door.  

(Before we moved in)

In a rush to get ready for our Christmas party, we made a very rash decision and painted the door a royal/navy colors that just wasn't right. Once the weather got a little warmer and we would be okay with just a front storm door, we got to work on fixing the door up!

Time to break out the belt sander! Always use safety glasses and if you can something to protect your ears (you'll miss your hearing when you're older).

Ready to rock & roll!

One side was pretty easy, only a coat of white paint.

The exterior side of the door, proved much more challenging. This project turned into a major event, with 8 or 9 layers and 40 years of paint to peel off. 

Just keep sanding.. Just keep sanding. 

Once it felt smooth it was time to prime!

After letting it dry for a few hours we got to work on the paint. It was two coats each side, and letting it dry over night in between.  

We picked Benjamin Moore's Beach Glass, and we really love the color, it gives a little more life to the exterior, and goes a lot better than the royal blue. 

It goes well nicely on the inside too, the walls are Moonshine (one of our go to colors).

Outdoor Projects Continue: Stairs

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

With the warm weather has come A LOT of weeding. While we were attempting to get out some of the over grown areas off the back patio we came across a old, rotten stairs, winding around a large rock toward the side of the house. It felt very Secret Garden, and we decided it needed a little help. 

With a lot of raking, weeding and will power, everything finally came out.

We leveled the surface for each step and used extra blocks lying around the property to create the stairs.

The make things look a little more clean, and hopefully help with any weed growth, we packed stone around the edges and between the steps.

We wanted to make the path look more defined so we continued the stones all the way to the beginning of the garden.

Excuse the leaves, Joe lives to use his new weed whacker. 😚

We're making progress! Till next time..

Amanda & Joe