Kitchen Continued: Countertop Installation Day!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The day we have been waiting for arrived, counter top installation day! We chose a great, budget friendly quartz product that was called 'Brown Fantasy'. Personally, we think the name is a little miss leading, it does have some brown and tan tones but it's mostly gray and white, oh well! 

Below is our corner piece before they seamed it together with the longer run portion. Shout out to Gothic Marble & Granite who are amazing, prompt, professional AND the seams they did literally disappear. They cut our two end portions from the second slab at either end of the sink run, since the slabs were mirror images, it looks like one continuous counter top pattern.

We couldn't be more excited!


They also cut this piece so the veining would continue over from the island, they really had a great attention to detail for the entire layout. 

We also chose to have a 2" backsplash installed. In most kitchens we've seen there is either a backsplash tile, or the counter top backsplash, but we thought that having a small quartz backsplash beneath the tile would look cleaner. Not tiling down to the countertop also eliminates that pesky grout line that seems to always get dirty. (The cat approves).

Now it's time to get to tiling!!

Happy Holla Days: Thanksgiving

Friday, November 4, 2016

Our Thanksgiving tradition every year is to travel to be with friends and family, bring a few side items, but mostly just relax and enjoy the day. This  year however, plans have changed, and we are going to be HOME! We are pretty jazzed to be first time Thanksgiving host. We are looking forward to having our first hosting gig be in our new house (with our new pretty kitchen), now that we are settled in.

We host Christmas Eve every year, so this will be something new and we LOVE a theme, so what does that mean? New Thanksgiving/Fall themed accessories! Since it would be ridiculous to buy everything (or would it be?) we made our little wishlist, and are going to try not to go overboard... Try being the key word.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

Happy Almost Holidays,