Master Bathroom Update: Lighting

Friday, August 26, 2016

The master bathroom has come such a long way since we moved in, and so much has changed. I think we can all agree lighting is crucial in any room, especially the bathroom, so we wanted to create different lighting options and not just one fixed on/off setting. 

Just a little throw back to what our bathroom used to be.

Once we opened up the soffit we saw an opportunity to use part of what was there. To create a little less destruction, we moved the lights from the bottom and secured them to the board that was previously the top of the soffit. We also patched the wall where the 'Hollywood' light had been but kept the wires and put them into a new junction box. 

Then we took a board and traced out the three lights that we had moved upward. 

Once we were sure that would fit, we took the board out to stain it. We stained the bottom board the same color as a piece of reclaimed barn wood we had in the garage (because doesn't everyone have a stash of reclaimed barn wood?). 

Once all the boards were dry, we secured the underneath panel over the lights, with a nail gun. Then secured the reclaimed barn wood to the front, with wood screws and the impact driver, to act as a panel. It's covering the wires up top, and giving the appearance of a wood beam.

It actually came out a lot better than we imagined, it's up high enough now the room feels much taller, and the reclaimed wood warms up an otherwise gray, cool feeling space. 

Much better!

The lights in the soffit really help to brighten the space as well, great for beauty time.

We do need to replace the light in the shower, but for the time being, it works!

After our first shipment arrived damaged and had to be returned, we waited THREE MONTHS for this awesome mirror - totally worth the wait. Its a touch LED mirror with a blue setting (we found out it actually acts as a black light) and a white setting that you can see set into the mirror. The lights can be on individually or together. It looks very over budget - but surprisingly wasn't!

Back Yard Appeal

Friday, July 29, 2016

Pretty much since the day we bought this house I have been dying to rip down the brown lattice arch ways outside the lower level living room. It just felt like it was closing off the huge Windows and natural light, which is the best part of the house! So when that time came I ran, not walked to the back of the house with all my favorite tools and go to work. 

#demoday is the best stress reliever I swear. 

After all the lattice was ripped down, and the old nails tapped into the posts, it was time to hang the swanky new outdoor lights. 

We still have big plans for the plants, the patio area, etc. but for now - Were still a lot happier how it looks!

Till next time!