Monday, October 31, 2016

The Kitchen: Progress

Looking at this scene for two days was pretty sad. Now don't get us wrong we are THRILLED for a new kitchen, but nothing ever goes according to plan. Never the less, the cabinet installation has begun! (We're saying begun, because three weeks later, it's still not done - what can you do?)

We went with white shaker cabinets, it might seem a little boring but we LOVE them. They look clean, and they're versatile in terms of what kind of counter top you can get, back splash etc.
Cringer LOVES the new cabinets (clearly).

We we're so excited for the cabinets, and tired of our kitchen being in the dining room, we started moving our stuff back in before the countertops or hardware was installed. Plus we felt being able to access our barware was essential :)

Even with all the stress, it was great to get to reorganize all our things, we gained a good amount of storage which gave us the freedom to really plan our kitchen well.

It's coming along!

Our gorgeous slabs.. yay! We chose Brown Fantasy quartz and couldn't be more excited to see them installed.

Stay tuned!!

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