Saturday, October 22, 2016

All Of The Lights: The Deck

We are huge fans of outdoor string lights. There is something really nice about the atmosphere that comes from their glow. We also wanted to make our deck somewhere we'd want to hang out, and bright flood lights don't exactly say "relax, stay a while". So we picked out some great lights, picked up some supplies and got to work.

What we used:
4 2X2s 
1 Box Wood Screws
8 Hooks

We went to home depot and got four 2x2 boards.

We had the corner boards go all the way down so we could secure them in more spots and make the post more stable.

                      The two middle posts we attached with three screws, and pre-drilled holes for a hook.

We pre-drilled the holes for the hooks, on the two corner posts. We put two hooks on the corner posts, so the strand could go out wider.(See below)

Once the posts were secured, and the hooks were in place, we worked our way from one end of the deck to the other with the lights. We went back and forth between the posts and the roof line. (*Do not do this one your own - having a spot on the ladder is crucial - and having a good eye to help decide where the roof hooks should go, from the ground, is really helpful)


It has a very cool way of making the deck feel like a room, and gives the whole backyard a nice glow.
It's the perfect spot to make lots of memories!

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